Friday, September 13, 2013

Common Core and Homeschoolers

By Heidi Sampson

“Common Core won’t affect me as a homeschooler, right?” Nothing could be further from the truth!

“I’m a homeschooler, so who cares what the public school is doing? This doesn’t affect me! It’s just another ridiculous idea in the public education’s revolving door of fads. This only reinforces the decision I’ve made and is all the more reason for me to homeschool.”

We as homeschoolers often have this attitude. If the law hasn’t changed affecting the way I homeschool, anything in the public arena with respect to education has nothing to do with me. This to a great extent has been true until now. Now we must stand up and pay attention…it does affect us!

For the past 20 years (actually much longer in all reality) there have been some major players who have been working diligently to create a ‘one size fits all’ system in education in order to level the playing field and establish a labor market system to develop human capital for the global workforce. I’m not making these words up. This is exactly what they think of our children. Check it out for yourself. They have methodically been putting pieces into place. In the last 6 or so years it has accelerated with federal laws being established and local laws or rules being altered. Then seemingly out of the blue we have Common Core State Standards in our schools. But the pieces of this have been around for all this time yet we as homeschoolers have been out of the scope of its reach. No more! They are fully aware of the homeschoolers and have every intention to get the data they want.

Homeschoolers MUST become educated about this stealth-like educational system that has been slipped into our state under the cover of darkness. It was designed to be slipped in this way and still the proponents know that most people are asleep and they are getting away with their destructive plan. The lies and layers of deception are manifold. It’s a very convoluted and sinister plan to completely lock our state and others into their plan. All their propaganda and catch-phrases are based on lies or half-truths at best. Children will be so incredibly limited, dumbed down and ultimately impacted on many levels; controlled by the testing and data collection that will follow them the rest of their lives.

The irony in their semantic deceptive words includes ‘The Race to the Top’, in all reality is a race to mediocrity. The ‘Rigor’ they use every time they refer to the CCSS, is anything but. ‘College Readiness’ is not speaking about a competitive 4 year university, but a non-selective Community College. ‘Career Readiness’ speaks to tracking students into a career path as early as middle school…they will tell the student what they should pursue and all their education (on a computer) will narrow their pathway. ‘High Standards’ will be reflected by students graduating with a 7th grade reading level and 2 years behind in the area of math.

Homeschoolers will be impacted at a variety of levels. If your child ever intends to go to college it will hit them with the entrance exams. PSAT’s, ACT, SAT’s are all being aligned to CC. Most curricula, including materials that homeschoolers use as well as the popular assessments used have been aligned to the Common Core Standards. If you have services for any special needs or any other issues, the schools are in their right to demand testing or documentation from you. There are public schools looking to make some money off of homeschoolers. They will provide wonderful services for just the homeschoolers. Why? If your child takes advantage of classes at the public school, they will be able to collect the much needed funds and much wanted data the US DOE ultimately wants. Now please understand not all those data collection pieces are in place yet, but by this time next year (June 2014) the Statewide Longitudinal Data System SLDS will be completed. I’ve seen the contract.

In the summer of 2013 a group of concerned parents, grandparents, legislators and citizens came together and formed a group, No Common Core Maine. We are mobilizing and have lots to do for anyone who wants to help. We are planning a rally in southern Maine Oct. 2nd and one in northern Maine Nov 14th.

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